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contributors derek bird Derek Bird is the founding editor of Fly Fusion Magazine. He's worked with Fusion since its inception and played an integral role in establishing the unique vision of the magazine. On a practical level, he writes the "Stream Lines" column for each issue. Over the last number of months, he's been working on a cutting-edge television project. He and Jim McLennan co-host the upcoming season of Fly Fusion Television, which will air in May on the World Fishing Network. JIM MCLENNAN A long-time fly fisher and outdoor writer, Jim is the Associate Editor of Fly Fusion Magazine and has written several fly- fishing books including the bestselling outdoor title Trout Streams of Alberta. Jim was one of the first fly-fishing instructors in Alberta to be certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers, and he was one of the first guides on Alberta's legendary Bow River. Today McLennan Fly Fishing Schools are attended by upwards of 300 people annually. FACELESS FLY FISHING We have been together for ten years and the outdoors has always been a place that we have both enjoyed. Now that we share a passion for fly fishing and photography we spend most of our free time in the backcountry capturing our favorite moments and places with still imagery. Adam Tavender There is satisfaction in finding moments that convey a sense of awe and enchantment for the natural world. My images are conceived with a documentary vision and reflect the studied observations of a seasoned angling guide. Other locations, sometimes exotic, fill out the calendar year but steelhead rivers in Canada's Pacific Northwest have a special allure to me. My photographs portraying the landscape and culture of fly fishing have been shown editorially, commercially, and as private prints. Michael Vistainer Mike has a keen eye for detail and a knack for graphic design. While photography and fly fishing are both new hobbies for Mike, he enjoys generating excitement for the outdoors and fishing. Jess McGlothlin Jessica McGlothlin is a freelance photojournalist and writer, as well as the outdoor copywriter for Orvis. She calls Montana home but is a wanderer at heart; her adventures have taken her above the Arctic Circle on the Kola Peninsula in Russia to the flats of Belize. She works with a wide variety of publications and commercial clients. Currently braving the East Coast, Jessica enjoys traveling as much as possible, fly rod and camera always near at hand. Mike Percelli Mike Percelli was born and raised in Glen Rock, NJ. Growing up he was an avid hockey player. His early 20's were spent working in the skiing industry, which combined his love of skiing and outdoors. Mike's love for outdoors and fishing has been strong since his boyhood in which he fly fished with his father up and down the east coast. Mike became a New York fishing guide and his love of fishing is contagious and he looks forward to passing on his fly fishing knowledge to youth including his two kids. He currently lives in Northern New Jersey with his family. Mike enjoys running his multitude of businesses, including Cinema Architects, the production company responsible for producing the 2015 IF4 film "Recapture". This film gives a glimpse into his strongest memories of fly fishing with his father. Cinema Architects specializes in aerial and motion cinematography and has been hired by all types of clients to film all types productions.

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